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PACE Prowess Application for Credit Evaluation
Comprehensive Standardised Analysis
Evaluating performance of 51,922 companies.
Financial Statements from Annual Reports
Income & Expenditure
Income Details
Expense Details
Profits & its Appropriation
EPS as per AS-20
Shareholder's Funds
Long-term Liabilities
Long-term Borrowings incl. Current Portion
Long-term Borrowings excl. Current Portion
Other Long term Liabilities & Provisions
Current Liabilities & Provisions
Short-term Borrowings
Contingent Liabilities
Long-term Assets
Fixed Assets
Long-term Investments
Long-term Loans and Advances
Other Long-term Assets
Charges on Assets
Current Assets & Loans and Advances
Schedule of Investments
Interest in Joint Ventures as per AS-27
Discontinued Operations as per AS-24
Assets/Liabilities Tabulations for Time Series
Total Liabilities
Total Borrowings
Total Assets
Total Investments
Cash Flow & Sources & Uses of Funds
Cash Flow
Sources & Uses of Funds
Structure of Sources & Uses of Funds
Financial Ratios and Growth Analysis
Profitability Ratios
Liquidity, Working Cycle & Turnover Ratios
Net Working Capital-Cost of Sales method
Distribution of Expenses
Operating Expenses as Percent of Sales
Sources of Growth in Income
Sources of Growth in Profits
Miscellaneous Reports
Forex Transactions
Compensation to Employees
Contribution to Exchequer
Rating of Credit Instruments by Rating Agencies
Banking / NBFC Reports
Maturity of Deposits & Advances
Disclosures by Banks
Statutory Disclosures by Banks
CRAR, Ratios & Exposure to Sensitive Sectors
NPA - Movement, Ratios & Divergence
Sector-wise NPAs & advances
Banking Disclosures - Basel II (Pillar 3) norms
Capital Requirements for Risk Areas
Capital Structure : Basel II(Pillar 3)
Credit Risk : Basel II(Pillar 3)
Securitisation : Basel II(Pillar 3)
Risk due to Change in Interest Rates
Banking Disclosures - Basel III (Pillar 3) norms
Capital Requirement for Risk Areas - Basel III
Risk Due to Change in Interest Rate - Basel III
Industry-wise Distribution of Exposures
Disclosures by HFCs & NBFCs
CRAR & Exposure to Sensitive Sectors
NPA & Provision for NPA
Assets & Liabilities details
Securitisation & Assignment by NBFCs
NBFC's Exposure to Derivatives
Discl. by Housing Finance Companies
Full list of Tabulations...
Images of Annual Reports of selected company
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Mar-2015 Mar-2014 Mar-2013 Mar-2012    
Images of Interim Financial Statements of selected company
Sep-2021 Jun-2021 Mar-2021 Dec-2020 Sep-2020 Jun-2020
Mar-2020 Dec-2019 Sep-2019 Jun-2019    
Images of Rating Rationale of selected company
CRISIL - 23 Nov 2021 CRISIL - 05 Jan 2021 CRISIL - 21 Jan 2020 CRISIL - 25 Oct 2019
CRISIL - 29 Jun 2018 CRISIL - 27 Jun 2017 CRISIL - 29 Jun 2016 CRISIL - 14 Aug 2015
CRISIL - 26 Feb 2014 CRISIL - 31 Dec 2012 CRISIL - 03 Feb 2012  
Images of Call Transcripts of selected company
Jun-2021 Jun-2021 Mar-2021 Dec-2020 Dec-2020 Sep-2020
Sep-2020 Sep-2020 Jun-2020 Mar-2020 Dec-2019 Sep-2019
Sep-2019 Sep-2019 Jun-2019 Dec-2018 Dec-2018 Sep-2018
Jun-2018 Mar-2018        
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PACE is a subscription service from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd.

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Prowess Application for Credit Evaluation (PACE) is a database application focussed on enabling easy evaluation of corporate credit proposals in banks.

Annual Reports of individual companies is the principal source of this database. The database covers listed and unlisted companies. PACE is updated continuously.

PACE provides a rich set of analytical ratios built over a standardised database which is an essential pre-requisite for evaluation of credit proposals in banks.

PACE provides financial data and analytical ratios in well-formatted tabulations. Peer comparison and benchmark comparison tables on a multi-dimensional levels are a unique feature and a hall mark of PACE.

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